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IT equipment repairs and upgrades

Sometimes your office computer can slow down or just stop working completely. On occasion, the best course of action is to return the machine to our in-house IT workshop where our years of PC fault finding experience put us in a strong position to be able to pinpoint the fault. Be it due to hardware failure or software issues, we can provide you with sensible advice about the best way to get you up and running again – with minimal down time.

Repairing your IT equipment

As a business, most companies are only interested in getting their IT equipment up and running as quickly as possible, so their staff can be up and running again with minimal downtime. Although it is quite rare for a PC or server to be unable to be repaired – sometimes it may not be economically viable to do so for a number of factors which may not be immediately apparent.

We will act in your best interests and when the time has come to say goodbye to a piece of hardware, we will let you know, explain why this is the case and what the options are moving forward.

Upgrading your IT equipment

Often a machine may just need a bit of a helping hand to keep up with the software and tasks it is being asked to run. Common upgrades include additional Memory to keep up with Sage Accounting Applications or Photo Editing packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Another popular upgrade is an SSD Hard Disk (Solid State Drive). Due to the lack of moving parts, unlike a conventional spinning hard disk, SSD drives have much faster read and write times which can produce significant performance benefits and increase the usable lifespan of a PC or Laptop. This upgrade is particularly popular with laptop users. Your existing operating system can be cloned to the new disk in a simple ‘lift and shift’ operation. So apart from the enhanced system performance, you will not notice a thing.

What areas do we cover?

Need IT help?

Whatever your requirements are, we are here to help.

For more information about this service, get in touch with Sound Networks. We provide competitive IT pricing and a fantastic service. We are only a phone call away if any problem arises and our friendly staff are always keen to assist you.

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Website Development

Professional websites

With the rapid growth in tablet & phone use, responsive design that works on all the different mediums is essential to any business. Our website development team specialise in functional, well optimised websites that work for your business rather than functioning as a simple information resource.

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